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The Sharp Lads - "The Kids Don't Want No Rock 'N Roll"

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The Sharp Lads - "The Kids Don't Want No Rock 'N Roll"

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Artist Bio:

Impossible riffs. Obscene showmanship. An ass-groovin’ rhythm section. New punk songs with catchy melodies, the likes of which you never thought you’d hear again. The Sharp Lads released their debut album in the summer of 2011, and unleashed a campaign of live rock n’ roll shock and awe, unlike anything the world had ever witnessed before. And now they’re back!

Taking lessons learned on their home turf of NYC and on the road everywhere else they could, playing to crowds of sweaty loyalists and stunned new converts alike, with no concern for their own personal safety or worries about anything other than the moment, the Lads have emerged from their experiences with Death by Misadventure, their second album released Spring 2014. Dave Tierney leads the charge with schizo vocals alternating between desperate screams and genre bending melodies. Rob Fudge shreds alien riffs that make you feel like your first time all over again while Kurt Wahlstrom holds down the bowel shaking bottom end playing a bass carved from a Jamaican treehouse. Driving the beat like a hell spawned hot rod with its brake lines cut, Steve Dios is blasting these songs with a frightening fury all the way to their grisly finish.

Surrender your sons and daughters. It’s already too late.

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