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The Obvious - "Don't Match"

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Artist Bio:

With our last two EP's recorded by The Bouncing Souls Pete Steinkopf at Little Eden Studios in Asbury Park, NJ, The Obvious brand a signature sound that combines the best elements of early 90's Alternative and Late 70's Punk, with the twist of our own unique perspective binding these two classic genres. A must for any music fan who champions visceral experience and sing-along, gravel-slinging, true Rock and Roll.

"The Obvious are on FIRE" ~ Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls, Chief Engineeer and Producer on The Obvious' debut EP, Bringing Wreck, Maybe She's Bored With It.

"She's like a female Kurt Cobain" ~ Dan Ridenour of Chemtrail

"Bringing Wreck is a precarious downhill delight filled with a savage self-awareness from a band that knows how to manipulate pound for pound sound. Boisterous, while at the same time commercially viable, Bringing Wreck is a traditionally aimed punk record that is heading down the right musical path." -Jon Pfeiffer, The Aquarian

"We awaken something ancient in our fans, its like a revivalist tent meeting feel and they pitch that energy right back at us in a way that only true rock and roll can accomplish." ~ Angie Sugrim

About The Video:

Don't Match showcases the long running creative and personal friendship between Dan Astorri (Lead Guitar / Vocals) and Angie Sugrim (Lead Vocals / Guitar). The two are opposites that compliment each other perfectly. Together these two are undeniable in their presence, and make a remarkable force to be reckoned wit Director Name: Rob Vornkahl

Producer Name: Travis Meyers, JT Habersaat

The video was recorded at the bar where the singer Rebecka works. It's also the bar where you most likely will find the rest of the band drinking.

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