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Wisdom In Chains - "Ghost of Buddy"

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Wisdom In Chains - "Ghost of Buddy"

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The song is a heart-warming tribute to Mad Joe Black's dog Buddy, who passed away a few years back. Guitarist, Richie Krutch, decided he wanted to try something different with this video in discussions with directors, Dave Causa and Chris Mahmood. "I wanted to not only make this video a tribute to Joe's dog, Buddy, but a tribute to all of our fans who share the same love for their dogs"- Krutch.

The band decided to put out casting call to fans (worldwide) to send pictures and videos to help complete this project. "We literally received hundreds of submissions from countries all over the world. It was a little overwhelming at first, but it was great to see how passionate everyone was about 'Man's Best Friend.' I feel this was a cool way for the band to thank their fans for the years of support"- Causa. This is a very different approach for Wisdom in Chains, but definitely an approach that is sure to win over the hearts of many fans.

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